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Debbie and I have taken up part-time, non-residential, positions at the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio City, Philippines. This is the regional Assemblies of God school for graduate level education. We will travel there once or twice a year to teach, and Dave has begun serving as the managing editor of their theological journal, the Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies and as director of their publishing arm, the APTS Press. For more on the school and these publications, please visit

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The book pictured here was written with you in mind whether you are interested in missions in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world.  It is full of stories of miracles and events that only God could have done.  We also told stories, many of them contributed by the missionaries themselves, which tells how they were saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and called to missionary work in the Philippines.  We told of the work they did and, as much as possible, told the story from their point of view—complete with both their successes and failures in order to ensure that all glory goes to God alone.  To read a free chapter, please click on the tab, "Free Chapter of the Book," and download it, or read it right online.

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