Dave and Debbie Johnson



Dave and Debbie Johnson have been Assemblies of God missionaries to the Philippines since 1994 and 1996, respectively.  They met in the Philippines and were married in 1997.  The largest part of their ministry to Filipinos over the years can be summarized in the following areas:


Reaching From the beginning Dave has been involved in evangelism, directing a team of Filipinos that has conducted hundreds of evangelistic outreaches, mostly in the Bicol region of Luzon, the Philippines’ main island.  All have been in partnership with local AG churches.  They have prayed the initial sinner’s prayer with thousands of Filipinos over the years and many have become a part of our Assemblies of God churches.



Planting Over one hundred churches have been planted through the ministry of the evangelistic team.  Others were planted when Dave served as the church planting director for their region.  In 2007, God gave Debbie a vision for training workers to plant house churches. To date, over two hundred house churches have been planted as a result of a number of church planting schools placed strategically throughout the area. More house churches are being planned and an advanced level of training has been developed for those who desire it.


Training When Debbie first came to the Philippines, she served one year as the English teacher at the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio City, Philippines.  Since the year 2000, she has been a faculty member at the Evangel Bible College near their home in Daraga, Albay.  From 2003 to March, 2009, she served as the president of the school.  At present, they help the Bible only when specifically requested and co-direct the advanced level of training for the house church planting schools.  In April 2012, they both became members of the part-time, non-resident faculty of the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS), the regional Assemblies school of advanced theological training that is located in Baguio City, Philippines.


Translating From 2000-2004, Dave served as the Managing Editor for the Full Life Study Bible (also known as the Fire Bible or Life in the Spirit Study Bible) Tagalog Translation Project, with the goal of providing this fine Pentecostal Study Bible to Filipinos in their national language.  This translation involved translating the notes, articles and many other things, although not the Bible itself.  It was finished in 2004. 


In March, 2009, Dave, in partnership with LIFE Publishers—the publishing arm of Assemblies of God World Missions, and the Philippine Bible Society, began to translate the same Bible study notes into Cebuano, one of the other major languages in the Philippines, and completed the project in 2012.



Writing In 2009, Dave published his first book entitled Led by the Spirit: the History of the American Assemblies of God Missionaries in the Philippines, which tells the story of more than 300 missionaries that have or are serving in the Philippines, dating back to 1926.  It is a thrilling story of what God has done, yet is balanced by relating some of things which should not have been done.


In 2013, he will publish his doctoral dissertation under the title Theology in Context: A Case Study in the Philippines, which can be used as a Bible school and seminary textbook.


In June, 2012, he also accepted appointment as the managing editor of the Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies, the theological journal of the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS) as well as the directorship of the seminary’s publishing operation, APTS Press.


Leading From January, 2002, to January, 2004, and from June, 2005, to June, 2009, Dave has served as the country moderator for the AGWM missionaries in the Philippines.  In this capacity, he has worked closely with the AGWM area director, Bill Snider, and the field executive committee in forming and implementing missionary policies and procedures, maintaining a field strategy, and serving as the field liaison to the national church in a nationwide church construction program that has seen around 62 church buildings constructed and a total capital investment of more than $500,000.00. He has also been involved with developing and maintaining a close relationship to the national church senior leadership.


Background Before coming to the Philippines, Dave, who is from Michigan, served as an Assemblies of God evangelist in America and Debbie, a native of Washington State, served short term missionary assignments in Korea, China, Israel, and in the Ukraine, as well as personal involvement in local churches in the Seattle area.  Dave holds a doctorate in missiology from the Asia Graduate School of Theology—Philippines, and Debbie has a masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the University of Washington in Seattle.  Dave is also a US Navy veteran.


Life Beyond the Ministry Dave and Debbie both enjoy reading, playing board games, drinking gourmet coffee, keeping up with their families by phone calls over the internet, and fellowshipping with their ever expanding circle of friends, both Filipino and Western alike.  They regularly take both a day off, quarterly personal retreats, and an annual vacation. Dave enjoys weightlifting, basketball, and walking, and Debbie likes music.  They have no children but enjoy Sam, their purebred Doberman. Their next scheduled itineration in the States is in 2015.